Currently, the World Community is undergoing a virus-pandemic period, and unfortunately, Nigeria is not exception. Specifically, the Corona virus 19 pandemic is a totally unprecedented health disaster in this millennium.

Ironically, some people in some of the Nigerian communities still perceive this global health calamity to be prank or trivial. Indeed, some people assume it is a swindle by the State governments to obtain Funds. Notably, all these insinuations and claims are grossly improbable and incredible. Corona virus 19 is real.

Consequently, I implore every Nigerian to co-operate with the government’s directives on the lockdown, preventive and safely measures. Importantly, let us all stay at home except those on the ‘essential services’ and remain SAFE. These measures are to STOP the spread of this non-visible deadly virus whose infected victims cannot be identified from the physical look.

As such, what shall we continue doing? We should continue to observe the government’s in-door self-restriction and self-hygiene directives.

Finally, Honorable Akinwonmi Tolulope Adebola who represented ADC Party in the last election assured Nigerians that this phase shall pass-by soon as long as we continue adhering to the government directives and lay down principles to stay home.

Olabisi Omolara

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