In the cold shivers of the Hymalayan enclave bordering Tibet and Cambodia, lies a tiny community called Pashupatinath with a dreaded shrine harbouring just one hundred and eighty people.

The chief priest of this notorious Budhanilkan evil shrine, Shiekh Karunanidhi Andapur gurushree, played host to agents of Imo state government (names withheld) who came solely to seek for spiritual help on how to hypnotise Imo electorates once they enter into the polling booths.

The agents of the government who paid huge amount of money running into hundreds of thousands of dollars to get accurate information on the best approach to get Imo electorates hypnotized in other to vote for Uche Nwosu, secured full assurances from Gurushree to get the work accomplished.

The agent returned home with a tiny envelop from Gurushree himself . The envelop was handed over to the governor who opened it in the midst of five spiritualists from Nigeria.

A small piece of paper was found inside the envelop directing the Governor to deposit all the funds that will be used for the election to an underground temple called Ramanathaswany which is directly facing Brihadeeswara temple that is housing Lakhshmi (the goddess of money).

As we speak, Lakhshmi is playing host to the bags of money which Okorocha is preparing to share to Imo people.

It is a known fact that Lakhshmi, the goddess of wealth and a sister to Lord Ganesh is known for administering monetary fetishism that can make or Mar victims.

Any Imo citizen that touches this money during elections, will be rendered useless until after the elections.

The government has concluded plans to start repartrating this huge amount of money home before the 15th of Febuary.

It is important to sound this warning bell to all Imo electorates to stay away from Okorocha especially during this forthcoming

According to a very reliable source, the money that will be distributed by Rochas Okorocha during the elections, has already been contaminated and taken over by the demonic spirit of iberiberism that dwell in the Ramanathaswany shrine.

It was at that point, Okorocha manufactured the word “iberiberism”. The Governor wears sarcastic smiles each time he mentions that word.

This spirit has a slander attacking force that rattles the sanity and calmness of its victims. It also renders victim’s composition and compultment useless. And from the same source, this dangerous abnormality is capable of lasting throughout the victim’s life span.

The wickedness and quest for power and needless enrichment and acquisition, has driven away the human element in Rochas and instead, positions the very beast in him to undermine humanity.

It is therefore, advisable to totally avoid Rochas Okorocha throughout the elections.

Olabisi Omolara

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