Hon Kazeem Adeniji Campaign Organisation (KACO) has issued out a warning to APC members and contestants who are planning to rig during the election.

KACO believes that the end to rigging in Agege has come as the members of the group are ready to stand by their votes.

According to the campaign director Mr Yemi, every attempt to rig will be highly opposed, we have our friends in the ruling party and they have clearly told us that they will rig as they usually do but this election will be different.

We have a candidate that is enjoying the love of the people, a candidate that people are turning out for, a candidate that listens, someone that carries the hope of the masses in Agege, a candidate set to change the face of politics in Agege. We will stand by Adeniji and stand by our votes, have spoken to all our party agents and they have vowed not to allow the APC rig the coming election in Agege.

Yemi also added that the defeat of the ruling party in Agege for the first time since 1999 is just in a matter of days.

Another anonymous member also alleged the APC of always boasting of being capable of rigging out popular opposition a feature that will be resisted in Agege in the coming election.

Kazeem Adeniji Campaign Organisation
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